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Essential Habits To Own Your Destiny, Overcome Challenges, And Unlock Opportunities

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Take Six book by Veta Richardson

How Big Goals are Achieved

With Take Six, President and CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel, Veta Richardson empowers young professionals, aspiring leaders, or anyone at a career crossroads to step into what makes them great, and develop the nerves, confidence, and competence to grow in the direction of their destiny. Inspired by her own success journey, beginning as an introverted Black female and leading to where she is today as a highly visible, public-facing attorney and CEO, Veta’s wisdom and advice can help you make critical decisions to shape your life with purpose.

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Who are you? How do you define success? Where do you want to go and what must you do to get there?

When Veta T. Richardson asks these questions, they are far from rhetorical. Rather, the answers to these questions and others like them are the building blocks of her transformative teaching.

Supported by years of her own experience of walking confidently along her own pathway of success, Veta has compiled her years of experience and the wisdom gained along the way into a groundbreaking new book that gives readers ownership of their destiny through the adoption of six powerful habits.


Author Business Strategist Leader

Veta Richardson is the CEO of the Association of Corporate Counsel and an Associate Professor at Georgetown University. Her work and her story are inspiring people across the country to find the potential leader within themselves.


Gain the confidence to define your success journey. Whether you’re a student just getting started in this crazy life, or a mid career professional needing to reinvigorate your life, now is the time to get to work.

Veta Richardson uses her unique insights and personal journey from humble staff attorney to CEO will help motivate and inspire both individuals and organizations. Professional success is not easy, but Veta can provide the necessary steps and tools to move forward in the right direction.

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